Biolinguistics Initiative Barcelona

Biolinguistics Initiative Barcelona: November 2012

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Talk - Boeckx on 'Gall's Problem'

On Monday, Nov 26, at 18.00, Cedric Boeckx will give a talk on 'Gall's Problem'. The meeting place will be room 2.1, 2nd floor, Edifici Josep Carner, UB. Feel free to spread the word to anyone interested.

Abstract: In 2006, I gave a talk at the Biolinguistics group at the UB on "Darwin's problem", in which I mentioned in passing that the problem of brain implementation of language could be called Gall's problem or Broca's problem. In this talk I will revisit this issue and offer reasons why "Gall's problem" is a more accurate generalization. An important part of the argument will depend on how Gall's problem connects to Darwin's problem.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

BIB tutorials #3

On Monday, Nov 5, Silvia Martinez Ferreiro will give two tutorials. The topics will be how to prepare posters for conferences and how to do experimental work in linguistics. The meeting place will be the Sala de Professors, 5th floor, Edifici Josep Carner, UB. See you all at 18.00.

Friday, November 2, 2012

New senior member at BIB

The Biolinguistics Initiative Barcelona is delighted to announce that Wolfram Hinzen has accepted an ICREA Research Professorship, and will be joining our group at the Universitat de Barcelona late in April 2013. Welcome, Wolfram!