Biolinguistics Initiative Barcelona

Biolinguistics Initiative Barcelona: June 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012

Evolang9 videos

Videos of the plenary lectures from the recent Evolang9 conference in Kyoto are now available online here:

The videos of the Kyoto Conference on Biolinguistics are also now available here:

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Publication

Just out!

Language, from a Biological Point of View: Current Issues in Biolinguistics
Editor: Cedric Boeckx, María del Carmen Horno-Chéliz and José-Luis Mendívil-Giró

The present volume offers a collection of essays covering a broad range of areas where currently a rapprochement between linguistics and biology is actively being sought. Following a certain tradition, we call this attempt at a synthesis “biolinguistics.” The nine chapters (grouped into three parts: Language and Cognition, Language and the Brain, and Language and the Species) offer a comprehensive overview of issues at the forefront of biolinguistic research, such as language structure; language development; linguistic change and variation; language disorders and language processing; the cognitive, neural and genetic basis of linguistic knowledge; or the evolution of the Faculty of Language. Each contribution highlights exciting prospects for the field, but they also point to significant obstacles along the way. The main conclusion is that the age of theoretical exclusivity in Linguistics, much like the age of theoretical specificity, will have to end if interdisciplinarity is to reign and if biolinguistics is to flourish.